Cyber Attribution

You may not know who launched that cyber attack against you, but we do.


CyberSquirrel1 was obviously inspired by Specifically his presentation "Cyberwar: Not What We Were Expecting" where he correctly illustrates that the danger to the nations power grid from squirrels is far far worse than any perceived danger from cyber attack. To make his point he documented power outages caused by squirrels in all fifty states but could find NO power outages attributed to cyber attack. While CybeSquirell1 was inspired by there is no other connection between the two.



Clear Vinyl with non-split backing
2.9 inches (74mm) x 2.2 inches (56mm)



Make Cyber Not Cyber

The original idea for Make Cyber Not Cyber was is credited to a tweet from @VioletBlue. A modification of the hippie anti-war slogan 'Make Love, Not War' from the 1960s. For those that don't get the joke, Cyber is a reference to cybersex and cyberwar. The debate over which term predates the other continues but we can continue to celbrate the sentiment in the modern age with these stickers.



White Vinyl with non-split backing
Die Cut
3-inch square



Hacker News Network

The Hacker News Network was a weekly video news show that focused on the news and issues relevent to the hacker community.



Vinyl with non-split backing
5 inches x 3 inches


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